SafeRad Radiography System

Welcome To SafeRad - the home of SAFER radiography.

SafeRad are pioneers of this Small Area For Exposure Radiography.

Normal radiography methods require evacuation of personnel in a wide area to allow two personnel - the radiographers- to perform their work. The SAFER method eliminates this problem.

The radiation controlled area barriers can be set at less than 1 metre away from the radioactive source, even with source activities in excess of 80 Curies. Because radiography can be carried out without interfering with other operations it means that schedules can be maintained or improved and therefore huge savings can be made. The SAFER (Small Area For Exposure Radiography) radiography method has many potential benefits when compared to traditional radiography methods.

There is no other equipment available that gives every radiographic technique from one set of equipment - directional, projection and panoramic. The only truly multi-functional radiographic exposure equipment! What's more, the use of Selenium-75 sources gives superior radiographs compared to Iridium-192.

Just imagine - complete freedom from the need to evacuate personnel for radiography!

What does it cost you to evacuate and disrupt your operations? What does it cost your organisation to plan for 'windows' for radiography? Why go on paying all those unseen costs when the solution - SAFER - is already available from us?

We consider that using our equipment is the safest method of working and can help you to realise your project in a more cost effective way..

Safety - there is no better way to carry out radiography.


SafeRad has successfully established itself as the world market leader for close proximity radiography equipment and and as providers of the premier non-intrusive radiography service.

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