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GammaBlok Lead-Free Radiation Shielding

GammaBlok lead-free radiation shielding is manufactured by SafeRad

GammaBlok radiation shielding is a patented highly flexible high density plastic material.

It is a very effective radiation attenuating material that can be manufactured in any size shape or thickness to suit your requirements. GammaBlok® has full through thickness attenuation properties – it is not a laminate – and this makes it a superior consistent product.

GammaBlok® is lead-free, non-toxic and user friendly. It contains no toxic materials  or contaminating elements.

GammaBlok® is our registered trademark and each piece carries the name. It can be bent or folded around objects and returns to its original shape and can be easily cut using a sharp blade. It is strong, durable, highly elastic and long lasting.

This material has many applications and can be used as permanent or temporary radiation shielding in industrial or medical environments, for example, to protect personnel from radioactive sources, around pipework carrying radioactive materials, to manufacture enclosures, to cover pressure vessels or to shield nucleonic instruments.

It can be washed and sterilised, can be safely handled and contains no toxic materials.GammaBlok is resistant to most chemicals, scuff Resistant and abrasion resistant.

GammaBlok® has been independently tested to assess:

  • radiation attenuation values
  • mechanical properties
  • fire resistance properties
  • chemical composition

This material is fire resistant and will not freely burn; it will self extinguish and it does not give off toxic fumes.

GammaBlok® is manufactured under strict Quality Controls within the requirements of SafeRad Company Operating Procedures and Data Sheets, ensuring a product with consistent density and attenuating value.

Each piece is individually inspected to assure consistency with specifications. We manufacture sheets in various sizes, vessel liners, pipe sleeves, in fact any shape or size.

Contact us for your Gammablock radiation shielding requirements.

Typical Attenuation Values

Radiation Half Value Thicknesses have been independently determined for GammaBlok®: for common isotopes, they are as follows;

Se-75             – 6mm
Ir-192            – 11mm
Cs-137            – 14mm
Co-60             – 28mm

Safety – there is no better material to protect your personnel – GammaBlok®


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