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SafeRad Radiography Services

SafeRad offer a number of services to make life easier for you.

We can provide our specialist radiographers to carry out radiography on new construction work without evacuating any of your construction personnel.

Our SAFER system (Small Area For Exposure Radiography) can also be used for corrosion monitoring or thickness checks on your existing plant. This can be easily achieved without interfering with the running of the plant – no need to evacuate personnel or drain the plant.

Our technicians can work in very close proximity to nucleonics type instruments and level indicators without causing them to malfunction.

Flexible flowline radiography has been pioneered by SafeRad – mulitple layers can be examined for integrity checks.

All the advantages of SAFER radiography coupled with all the advantages of digital radiography from one source – SafeRad.

Using the latest in computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing technologies we can design and manufacture specialist equipment to overcome your particular radiation shielding problems. We have established a good record with our many Clients in offering them solutions that make carrying out radiography in the SAFER mode possible.

We can help you solve your evacuation problems!

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